Timothy C. Roth II




                              Franklin and Marshall College

                        Department of Psychology

                        Biological Foundations of Behavior Program

                        PO Box 3003

                        Lancaster, PA 17604

                        Email: TRoth at fandm dot edu

                        Phone: 717-291-3824

                        Fax: 717-291-4387 







General statement: I integrate the study of behavior, neurobiology, and ecology to understand the evolutionary processes important in integrative and comparative biology and psychology. The overarching goal of my research is to understand the process by which natural selection influences cognition, especially in terms of the traits associated with space use in animals. We ask questions focused on the neurological mechanisms of memory and cognition, the evolution of the mechanisms of fear, and the ecological relevance of sleep. Most of my work focuses on avian models, but I am not averse to collaborating on projects using other taxa. I work both in the field and in the lab, incorporating a wide variety of spatial, ecological, observational, and neurological techniques.


Courses: PSY302 Biopsychology, PSY230L Statistics and Design, PSY487 Collaborative in Biopsychology, PSY371 Principles of Brain Evolution

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