First Year Seminar: for instructors of Mathematics of Art
1. Things my students see

- The Summer assignment
- The Syllabus
- A list of supplies to buy
- The weekly schedule
- The list of one-page papers

2. Some things that might be helpful to instructors of math and art

Grading writing and grading art are two things that math instructors don't often do.  Here are some of the tools I use that help me do each.

    Grading the writing projects.
    Grading the art projects.

Projective Geometry applied to Perspective art:  A proofs-based course

These materials  below are very much in flux; the course is under construction.  [Details: this is a collaborative project by Marc Frantz in Indiana, Fumiko Futamura in Texas, and Annalisa Crannell in Pennsylvania.  We've been generously supported by the NSF [DUE1140135], so thank you for your tax dollars!]

In the fall of 2013, I pulled together all the worksheets the three of us had created and chunked them into one 67-page document.  Perhaps the most helpful part of this document is that there's a Table of Contents at the beginning, so the curious browser can get an overview of what we expect to cover in this course.

    A giant collection of worksheets, with a table of contents

We presented a minicourse in January 2014; here are the slides and handouts from that minicourse.

Now, in the spring of 2014, Crannell is teaching the course again.  I'm actively revising the worksheets as I go, adding a instructor section in each module.  Here are the revised worksheets I've been playing with most recently.

Window Taping
Drawing ART
What is the image of a line?
Intro to Geogebra
Extended Real Space
Meshes and Maps
Drawing a Cube in 2-point perspective (and a peek at harmonic sets)
Discovering Desargues's Theorem
Proving Desargues's Theorem

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